Surf Lessons


Accredited, fun, professional and experienced. We'll get you surfing. Promise!

Learn to surf specialists
Mojosurf focus on 5 key areas to have you up and surfing with confidence and style. With years of experience Mojosurf have developed superior instructional techniques to assist al levels of surfers from beginner to advanced.
  • instructors Fully qualified instructors with level one beginner and level two advanced coaching qualifications to ensure you surf at your best. Our instructors are in the water with you assisting every step of the way. Mojosurf also use photo and video analysis to help you see where your surfing is at.
  • locations We only surf on the best beaches to suit your ability. As we are mobile we can be flexible to customise the trip to get the best surf.
  • equipment Anybody can surf. With a wide range of current boards and wetsuits, we can ensure that you get the best equipment to assist your surfing journey.
  • safety Surf safety and ocean awareness is our highest priority which our instructors will ensure you become well trained in.
  • fun The best surfer in the world is the one having the most fun. Having a good time all-round is the cornerstone to the success of our surf schools. You will be having a blast in no time.

Go Mojo 100% surf satisfaction
Mojosurf celebrates everything about surfing Whether you are looking for a surf lesson, surf holiday or life changing surf academy experience, then mojosurf has an exciting range to suit you. Mojosurf is committed to delivering the best quality. From the time you contact us through to catching your last wave, you will have experienced the highest level of service as this is what has set Mojosurf apart from our closest competitors. It’s just what we do.

beach front surf camps Clean, comfortable and direct beach access. Mojosurf brings you the real experience of living right on the beach. Cruise down to the beach at you leisure for surfing, sunbaking or soaking up the beach atmosphere and culture.

fun Mojosurf is a lifestyle group. Our core team is made up of dudes and dudettes from small surfing communities along Australia's coast. We will induct you into the surfing lifestyle and culture in a fun and exciting way.

Mojosurf Rashie Crew
Surf equipment to suit every ability
We supply the very best learner specific boards and warm wetsuits to all our surfer dudes. We upgrade our equipment annually which means our surf gear won’t let you down while you tackle the Aussie surf. As you progress we can also supply more advanced boards for the intermediate surfer.